22129_10151322934992381_1879493440_nSo, this blog is the result of an almost two year writer’s block that I’m hoping to shatter by “flexing the muscles” as it were. Having recently become a father to a charming young son, I’ve found that my songwriting time has been diminished to nothing. He hates when I play my accordion and hammering out chord progressions over and over again is not his idea of entertainment. Can’t say I blame him but it’s brought my writing skills to stand still. I hate everything I’ve written over the past year, so here’s hoping this helps get something happening.

I also recently quit drinking and have found that I need to adjust to not being drunk when I write. I have to say, the majority of my songs have been written while drunk and angry or drunk and sad or drunk and angrily sad….whatever. Now, it’s just me and my thoughts, most of which I’m too uptight to put down on paper. Alcohol helped relieve me of that fear, but also gave me a whole mess of other fears and problems.

I’m hoping to make this a music blog for the most part. Music through my admittedly eclectic eyes. I’ll talk about my favorite records, songs, artists, musical memories, live performances, memorable moments in my own personal music “career” and whatever the fuck else I feel like writing about. Who knows, if this works, maybe I’ll post some demos of any new tunes that come of it.

For the most part, it’s a way for me to have a little record listening party with all of you out there. Something I never do any more. So, I’ll do it late at night while my wife and son sleep….and only you are invited.

Now quit dancing so hard or you’ll wake them up!

Oh, and the name….my stage name is Jimmy the Pickpocket. I stole the title from a song by The Tiger Lillies but over the years I’ve become to see myself as a musical pickpocket. Stealing bits of influence from here and there. Since this blog is going to be focused on my muscial tastes….this is my newspaper….my communique to the world. Hence Pickpocket Times.

Either way, enjoy. Hope I turn you onto some good tunes.